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About us

Our Story

Sarvananda is a prestigious brand name in FMCG under the flagship Manzeel Merchant private Limited (Manzil Group of Companies) whose Cofounder is Mr. Mahinder Kumar Mahinder Kumar is already doing export of first class grocerry items since 2017.It is his vision to provide pure,organic, healthy and safe products to our people and give them also equal oppurtunity to be the part of this mission so he has come up with a unique plan in Direct selling where everyone can earn also. To start with he has taken the pain to collect A2 milk and Ghee from the farmers and distribute to the people .According to him he wanted to help not only the poor farmers financially who are doing ethical practises to raise milk and other dairy products but also to the Indian citizen and their children who are suffering from malnutrition. He and his team took almost an year and run pillar to post to understand the length and width of this industry. It is his idea to provide Pure A2 Milk everydoor step without any preservatives and process so the original nutreint can be retained.

Our Mission

To be listed among best in top ten Direct Selling Company by 2022

Our Vision

To become a famous household name and to provide a passive income platform for everyone whosoever associated with us.